About Dawn Meredith

Dawn Meredith was born in a small town beside the English Channel, later lived in the hot suburb of Perth, Western Australia and later on an island in Norway in a pre-WWII house with a toilet in the barn. She now lives with her family in The Blue Mountains of New South Wales with a collection of animals and an award winning garden. 

Before committing to writing seriously in 2000, Dawn was a Special Needs Teacher, a Secondary School Art and English Teacher, an Animal Wrangler and Trainer for TV and films, a Nursing Assistant in Geriatrics and Disability, worked in a travel agency and secondhand furniture shop. She has conducted writing workshops for adults, teens and kids as young as five all over Australia. It just goes to show that trying lots of stuff doesn’t hurt at all. Yet there are things she does not understand, such as people who a) don’t like chocolate and b) don’t like books.


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