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DIVINE PREY by Chris Andrews - new fantasy novel with awesome worldbuilding

I just finished Chris Andrews' new book, Divine Prey. Chris is an Australian author based in Canberra. He says this about himself in his bio: Chris Andrews began his writing career when he boldly and ignorantly announced he could write a better novel than the one he’d just read. You can read more about Chris here: Divine Prey is the first book in the Noramgaell Saga series. Lush world building, interspecies romance and a fast paced, perilous adventure. Divine Prey certainly kept me turning the pages with its story of Caroline, princess turned werewolf turned champion of a goddess. She never does as she is told. I like her! Andrews has deftly created a world of subtle magic, which expands as the plot progresses, adding depth to our understanding of its unique history and mythology, maintaining interest. The deeper you go into the story the more intricate the silver strands of plot become. The story begins with Princess Caroline, hidden in a nunnery to bear her ill