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TRAVELLERS Season 2 - One of Netflix BEST SHOWS EVER

I can't stop! I can't stop watching it! It's past midnight, I have so much to do tomorrow (moving interstate in two weeks) and yet I struggtle to switch off because I just neeeeeed to find out what's going ot happen next! A writer's dream Isn't this what writers dream of? Viewers/readers who are so invested in the characters they can't stop. Marcy's heartbreaking quest to recover her broken memories of David, McClaren's journey to fatherhood brutally cut short, Phillip's lonely life as a recovering addict, Carly's adjustment from male special ops soldier to young mother and partner, Trevor's ongoing joy and sometimes sorrow at being an old man living life as a teenage boy. Each character has a distinct domestic journey which they juggle daily with their mission requirements. Two lives merged into one. It's brilliant. Second season problems Second seasons are often rushed and less fabulously written, but, like every season