Converting your PDF to ebook format with a free program!

So I recently had to upload one of my books to an award I was entering and didn't have the kindle/ebook version, just the PDF. What to do? Clearly, I had two choices:
  1. Panic a little.
  2. Search the net for a solution.
I wanted a free program to see if I could do it without assistance and to avoid outlaying a large sum of money for a program I probably won't use very often. In my search I came across the very helpful article from Digital trends: How to convert a PDF to Ebook  Once I had chosen the program, I just downloaded it, followed the prompts and it worked perfectly! This article was very helpful in giving instructions too.

It was pretty easy! You add your PDF file, choose the format you want, add your name and publishing details, choose where you want to save it, write a blurb and presto! Ebook. You can also use it to open and read ebooks. This program is so simple to use. And did I mention it's free? So I will be donating to keep them going. :-)


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