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LETTERS FROM THE DEAD NEW book by Dawn Meredith - Paranormal Crime novel

FINALLY! I am very excited to tell you that my debut novel, Letters From the Dead is out! ISBN 13: 978-1977720702 for print book ISBN 10: 1977720706 for ebook you can purchase your copies here: Letters from the Dead by Dawn Meredith Want to know more? Delia Fox has a dangerous ability, a gift, to see the memories of the recently dead just by touching them. Despite her family's concerns she is communing with the Devil, consulting for the police to investigate unusual deaths seems a natural way to use this gift to help others. But Delia’s success means others fail. The local cops hate her. A crime boss she sent to prison seeks revenge. The media and her ex-boyfriend are baying for her blood. She speaks up for the dead, but who will protect her from the living? This book was winning awards before it was even published. In 2016 the first page won the SCBWI Andrea Davis Pinkney Writer Award which won me a scholarship with Andrea, Vice President of Scholastic USA. Book

BOOK REVIEW - 'Matters Arising From the Identification of the Body' by Simon Petrie

I picked up my signed copy at Conflux 13 convention a couple of weeks ago and couldn't wait to read it. Here's my review: Matters Arising from the Identification of the Body A Guerline Scarfe investigation by Simon Petrie Peggy Bright Books 2017 ISBN 0992512521   Goodreads' summary: Tanja Morgenstein, daughter of a wealthy industrialist and a geochemist, is dead from exposure to Titan's lethal, chilled atmosphere, and Guerline Scarfe must determine why.    I thoroughly enjoyed this novella. Petrie’s writing just gets better and better all the time. The main character, Guerline Scarfe, was very well drawn and engaging. I found the book wasn’t too sciencey for a non-science person like myself. Worldbuilding was likewise excellent. Petrie never pushed the boundaries of plausibility too far and didn’t provide too many weird and wacky terminologies that I couldn’t cope with. Matters Arising… is essentially a sci fi crime mystery story, fusing