AMPERSAND PRIZE 2017 submissions now open!

The yearly opportunity for Hardie Grant Egmont is here again! For emerging writers this is a fantastic way to launch your career. For first time novellists, this is your chance to make your mark in a new genre.

If you have never submitted before, it can seem daunting. But if you have a finished manuscript, why not give it a go?
click here for entry page on website 
Here are my top tips for submitting:
  1. entries close July 28th 2017. DO NOT send after this date.
  2. make sure your MS is polished, editing thoroughly (several times)
  3. make sure it is presented in the format required for font, size of font, layout (margin sizes) and line spacing. If you don't present an MS EXACTLY how they want, it goes straight in the bin.
  4. send via email or post as specified on the website
  5. supply synopsis at exact length they require
  6. DO NOT send the entire MS unless they specifically ask for it. Most often its just first 3 chapters they are interested in. (So make sure they are your best, most ingenious work, with a big juicy hook). Again, check the website.
Be brave! Good luck!


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