Pacific Rim the movie - cool robots, crappy plot.

I know, it took me a while to finally see this movie. Pacific Rim Thank goodness for Netflix, is all I can say. This movie had one, cool, all consuming passion of mine - ROBOTS! So I had to watch it.

It started out brilliantly, if a little on the predictable side, but that's Hollywood for you. You want the tropes, they got 'em: Guy in dangerous job loses partner/brother, goes off the grid for a while, sought after to fight new, even more dangerous conflict, reluctantly agrees, reluctantly finds new, unlikely partner, they fight, all their companions die, they almost don't make it, triumph in the end with an unusual maneuver.

The robots, called Jaegers, are HUGE machines, controlled by two humans (or three, in the case of the Chinese) through a sort of mind-meld process, so it helps to be siblings who share similar memories cos you see their whole life in your brain when you're connected. One person controls the right side of the robot, the other the left. Nice concept. Makes sense. Intriguing.

Did I mention the robots are magnificent and HUGE?

Very impressive.

Here's where the first disappointment arrives - the accents were all over the place! An Australian father/son combo WHO ARE NOT AUSTRALIAN and can't speak the lingo for shit. WHY?????? We have awesome actors downunder, in every pay bracket - Hugh Jackman, Liam Hemsworth, Chris Hemsworth, Simon Baker, Sam Worthington, Ryan Kwanten, Sullivan Stapleton, Jai Courtney... Come on! But no, we get a New Yorker (Max Martini) stumbling through our broad vowels, and some strange, cockney version of our accent by a Sussex boy Rob Kazinsky. (and I was born a Sussex girl, so nothing against him personally). Casting needs a kick up the whatsit. Poor Charlie Hunnum, a Brit, who had to put on a Yank accent instead of his native British. What's with that?

Then the story line. Ho hum. Took a massive dive about 20 minutes in. I did not feel anything for the other teams. It was so predictable! You just knew they were all going to die. They hardly got any airtime. The Russians barely hit the screen and the cultural references were sadly predictable.

Then, alien creatures coming through a portal in the ocean.... hm. plausible I guess, in spec fic terms. And of course, they got bigger and more frequent, to create that tension needed because the storyline was so pathetic. The sea creatures, called Kaiju, were suitably scary, but seemed to have the forms of all different types of beings, sort of crossed with dinosaurs of all shapes, sea serpents and Godzilla.

The only highlights were Idris Elba, a refreshing change from the usual General-in-charge dude. Quietly authoritative. Ron Pearl as a black marketeer who gets eaten by a creature then slices his way out right at the end and the awesome Jaegers. The aliens were ok, some convincingly fearsome and threatening I suppose, but the fight scenes were rushed and hard to see at times. The unique setting - the ocean. The scenery sometimes had that wow factor, in terms of the relative size of both aliens and Jaegers. I felt more sorry for the jaegers than the er, humans who controlled them. But that's probably just me!

But the baby creature inside its dead mother who somehow has visions and memories of things it has never seen through a sort of hivemind thing with others? VERY convenient.

There was a conspicuous lack of humans in the city scenes, which is probably a good thing given the carnage and damage to infrastructure, but it felt more like a miniature movie set than a real city.

Guillermo del Toro has his particular style of directing, which is fine. He's great with action flicks. They spent gazillions on CGI, costuming and tech and it was well spent, but the storyline just didn't live up to the hype. All that money on a crappy plot. What a waste.


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