DIVINE PREY by Chris Andrews - new fantasy novel with awesome worldbuilding

I just finished Chris Andrews' new book, Divine Prey. Chris is an Australian author based in Canberra. He says this about himself in his bio:

Chris Andrews began his writing career when he boldly and ignorantly announced he could write a better novel than the one he’d just read.
You can read more about Chris here:

Divine Prey is the first book in the Noramgaell Saga series.

Lush world building, interspecies romance and a fast paced, perilous adventure. Divine Prey certainly kept me turning the pages with its story of Caroline, princess turned werewolf turned champion of a goddess. She never does as she is told. I like her!
Andrews has deftly created a world of subtle magic, which expands as the plot progresses, adding depth to our understanding of its unique history and mythology, maintaining interest. The deeper you go into the story the more intricate the silver strands of plot become.
The story begins with Princess Caroline, hidden in a nunnery to bear her illegitimate child. But…

TRAVELLERS Season 2 - One of Netflix BEST SHOWS EVER

I can't stop!
I can't stop watching it! It's past midnight, I have so much to do tomorrow (moving interstate in two weeks) and yet I struggtle to switch off because I just neeeeeed to find out what's going ot happen next!

A writer's dream
Isn't this what writers dream of? Viewers/readers who are so invested in the characters they can't stop. Marcy's heartbreaking quest to recover her broken memories of David, McClaren's journey to fatherhood brutally cut short, Phillip's lonely life as a recovering addict, Carly's adjustment from male special ops soldier to young mother and partner, Trevor's ongoing joy and sometimes sorrow at being an old man living life as a teenage boy. Each character has a distinct domestic journey which they juggle daily with their mission requirements. Two lives merged into one. It's brilliant.

Second season problems
Second seasons are often rushed and less fabulously written, but, like every season of Longmire (…

REJECTION, a thousand times rejection. Why persist?

I read an article recently about famous books that were rejected dozens of times and went on to become best sellers or classics simply because that one publisher believed in the manuscript. Some ended up self publishing and found their way to film adaptations, some held on grimly to the hope of publication and submitted until it damn well got acceptance.

In my time as a writer I have published through big name companies such as Cambridge University Press, small Australian press such as Wombat Books and self published through Amazon. So far my most lucrative and popular book was self published through an intermediary, Moshpit. It can often take years to write and polish a book, with heart and soul in every line. Which is why we try so hard not to take it personally when our work is rejected, not just once, but over and over. But it's difficult! Persistence can't run on an empty tank. At some point we need to refill our confidence to keep trying and retain our belief in the proj…

First review of LETTERS FROM THE DEAD by Dawn Meredith

Letters from the Dead
Dawn Meredith
Dingbat Publishing (2017)
ISBN 9781977720702
Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (12/17)

“Letters from the Dead” by Dawn Meredith is a highly entertaining, fast-paced suspense novel featuring Delia Fox, a young adult with a unique ability. Delia is just your normal every day University student, until an accident at the café where she works changes her life forever. Chaos ensues when an explosion occurs in the backroom of Iggie’s Café, and when a young man perishes in Delia’s arms as they try to escape the danger, she realizes she can read his memories. As Delia begins picking up the pieces of her life, she finds work at another café and is hired on as a consultant for the Wintering Police Force where she teams up with Inspector Jonah Rainbird, using her gift to solve local murders. Not everyone appreciates Delia’s gift however. With the exception of Inspector Rainbird and Sergeant Blake, the cops despise her and consider her a meddler who just…

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Letters From the Dead released book launch December 2nd 2017


INKITT - Read one chapter at a time and help a manuscript get published!

So I have bitten the bullet and uploaded my young adult Urban Sci Fi novel Super Charlotte
to Inkitt. This is an interesting way to go if, like me, you haven't had a novel for YA in Spec Fic published before.

Super Charlotte is a story dealing with cloning and transhumanism but with an interesting twist. Think Legally Blonde, Buffy and Big Bang Theory and you're close!

Click here to read the blurb and first chapter:
Super Charlotte by Dawn Meredith

Don't forget to rate it 5 stars!